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Cloud2017's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 18 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 835 Points

Creative Kill Chamber Two

Green Gooey Stuff! Unlocked 5/2/12
50 Points
You used the Spore Gun tres times!
Sniper Man! Unlocked 5/2/12
50 Points
You killed 3 guards with the Sniper Rifle!
Spontaneous Combustion! Unlocked 5/2/12
50 Points
You blew up 3 guards! Awesome sauce!
Terrorist! Unlocked 5/2/12
50 Points
You killed 3 guards with an AK assault rifle!
CKC Champ: DOS! Unlocked 5/2/12
100 Points
You beat the second Creative Kill Chamber! That's G!
Yay Death! Unlocked 5/2/12
100 Points
You were killed 10 times by the CKC Corporation. Bummer.
Melee Monster! 50 Points You killed 3 guards with your bare hands! Cool!
Stylish Killer! 50 Points You killed off 5 guards! With Style!

Medals Earned: 6/8 (400/500 points)

Level Up!

Gem Collector Unlocked 1/5/12
5 Points
Collect 100 Gems.
Time Waster Unlocked 1/6/12
5 Points
Play to day 7 and beyond.
Gem Hoarder Unlocked 1/6/12
10 Points
Collect 400 Gems.
Gem Connoisseur 10 Points Collect All Giant Gems.
Moving the Mail 10 Points Find all the checkpoints in the level.
Dashing Course Legend 25 Points Beat the Super Dashing Course in under 25 seconds.
Fountain of Knowledge 25 Points Fill out every entry in the Codex.
Gem Addict 25 Points Collect every Red Gem on the Level.
Mad Skills 25 Points Buy every skill.
Grinding Maniac 50 Points Max out every single level type.
Heartbreaker 50 Points Defeat Nightmare with only 1 LOVE level.
Insomniac 50 Points Complete the game without ever sleeping.
Obsessive 100 Points Get 100% completion.

Medals Earned: 3/13 (20/390 points)


STRAGGLER Unlocked 12/19/09
5 Points
Beat the game with one missile still left on the screen
YOU'RE A WINNER! Unlocked 12/19/09
10 Points
Beat the game
DOUBLE WHAMMY Unlocked 12/19/09
25 Points
Get a multiplier on a boss
SIDEKICK Unlocked 12/19/09
25 Points
Have a spike at the end of the game
USE THE FORCE! Unlocked 12/19/09
25 Points
Kill 1000 enemies
YOU'RE A REAL WINNER Unlocked 12/19/09
25 Points
Beat the game without continuing
MY EARS! 5 Points Have an attraction beam live for 15+ seconds
HIROSHIMA 10 Points Nuke more than 20 enemies at once
AL GORE WOULD BE PROUD 25 Points Get a full planet
C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! 25 Points Get hit after destroying exactly 30 enemies without getting hit
C-C-C-C-COMBO! 25 Points Get a chain of 10+
HUMANITARIAN 25 Points Heal an enemy ship
USA! USA! 25 Points Beat the game using exactly 2 nukes and have ones leftover at the end
PENTAFORCE 50 Points Get 5 spikes on the planet at once
THAT'S NO MOON 100 Points Convert a boss into a spike

Medals Earned: 6/15 (115/405 points)

The Arrow Of Time

End of an Era Unlocked 5/17/09
100 Points
Complete the main game.
I Have the Powers Unlocked 5/17/09
100 Points
Buy all of the upgrades.
Time Hunter Unlocked 5/17/09
100 Points
Kill each type of Dinosaur at least once.
Fight in the Shade 100 Points Have more than 20 arrows on screen at once.
Quickdraw 100 Points Kill the final boss in under 20 seconds.

Medals Earned: 3/5 (300/500 points)